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We manufacture what you need.

Designed & Crafted by some of the best Engineers and Crafts men, with a quality made to last. 

Supplies for Engineering

Trust only the parts manufactured by Experts.


Only the right parts manufactured under supervision of masters according to the
international standards and most modern equipment grant a smooth operation and
long life of your machine.
Our Service Center and Parts processing center network will provide you with field
service, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and third-party parts as well as repair

Parts Manufacturing


Pump parts
Gear Box
Reverse Engineered Parts

The Eco–Hopper


General description of unloading Eco-Hopper:

The hoppers are designed to suit the characteristics and flow properties of
virtually any bulk material such as

• Clinker

• Slag

• Gypsum

• Limestone

Environmental pollution by fugitive dust is a major issue for all ports handling bulk cargoes.

The Hoppers are equipped with dust control systems to minimise the escape
of dust during the grab discharge cycle.
The hopper is divided into an upper and lower section, separated by a dust retention feature.

This feature comprises of series of pressed steel sections and vertical flaps. When material is released by the grab it falls through the Flap section and accumulates
in the inner hopper below.
This will displace a volume of air which will attempt to escape the hopper into the atmosphere, taking with it an unacceptable amount of material dust.
The Flap system has been designed to close due to the newly created pressure differential between the hopper and the atmosphere thus forming
a seal and effectively acting like a one-way valve such that the dust contaminated air is contained. Integral reverse jet filters are positioned around the hopper inlet to extract and clean the dust laden air. Collected dust is then recycled into the mainstream of material.

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